An energy-efficient gift for everyone on your list

It can be difficult to decide what gifts to buy during the holidays, so we have some energy-efficient suggestions for everyone on your list. (Bonus points if you wrap them in newspaper or sustainable wrapping products!)

For That Friend Whose Cell Phone Is Always Dead: Portable Battery Charger

Nothing’s more frustrating than someone you can’t reach because their phone died—again. Help them out by gifting them with a portable battery charger.

For That Sibling Who’s Afraid of the Dark: LED Light Bulbs

The holidays are the beginning of the winter season, meaning daylight is at its shortest. Show your sibling you care with a package of LED light bulbs to fight those fears.

For That Coworker Who’s Perpetually Cold: Blanket

Not only does it use zero energy, but it also can avoid the thermostat temperature from being raised. Now that’s a win-win!

AdobeStock_292379214For Those Parents Who Are Constantly Complaining About the Energy Bill: Power Strips

When you start thinking about how many electronics, appliances and more are around your home, you’ll quickly see the value in plugging them all into power strips to manage their energy use.

For That Cousin Who Adores Hulu and Netflix: Digital Media Player

They’ll enjoy being able to binge-watch their favorite shows from a variety of streaming platforms. (Maybe they’ll thank you by sharing their Hulu and Netflix account information so you can use them too!)

For That Grandparent Who Could Use an Update: TV

They’ll be thrilled to learn about all the perks of their new TV, including the amazing quality of that big screen! Be sure to set them up with an energy-saving power strip to help make their TV watching as energy efficient as possible.

For That Niece Who’s in a Band: Wireless Speakers

She’ll be glad she can hear her (and her favorite artists’!) music wherever she goes on a set of wireless speakers with incredible sound quality.

For That Connected Home: Smart Thermostat

Set the smart thermostat to your daily schedule, and it’ll turn the HVAC system on and off based on your settings, which can contribute to energy savings.

Visit our online store to find the most efficient power strips, LED lighting and more for your holiday shopping.

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