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Noticing anything new about our website? Our new site will help you fully understand how to properly maximize your energy-efficiency opportunities and the offers rebates available from your cooperative.

Energy efficiency is important because when you use less energy, you’re also saving money and reducing carbon emissions. That’s why we recommend upgrading to ENERGY STAR® Certified appliances.

Stumped about which energy-efficient equipment is right for you? We help answer your questions by sorting out the pros and cons of energy- and money-saving items such as LED light bulbs, smart thermostats and more.

Energy efficiency is also paramount to those trying to manage a budget. When you’re overwhelmed with bills—from weddings, real estate, college—and a family to provide for, you may be wondering why you should be shelling out more money up front for efficiency. Just remember that long term, you’ll be earning the money back in energy savings. And efficiency rebates from your cooperative make it easier to afford your upfront purchases.

Being busy shouldn’t stop you from pursuing energy efficiency. Find which products you’d like to try in your home, order them from our online store, ship them right to your door and then install them yourself. No hassle necessary!

Have an electric vehicle (or thinking about making the switch)? You can effortlessly uncover information about how they work. You also can search how they should be maintained, how they can be charged and where charging stations are located in your area and throughout the country.

And don’t forget about all the rebates your cooperative can give you when you make energy-efficient upgrades. Whether it’s smart thermostats, in-home lighting, water heating, home cooling, home heating or ENERGY STAR® Certified appliances, you may be eligible for rebates. Visit your cooperative’s website for more information.

Do you have an issue you just can’t seem to get resolved? Use our chat function and you’ll immediately be connected with a customer-service rep who can turn your question into an answer.

We also have a whole section dedicated to the history of our company, where you can read about our successes, offerings and future plans, in addition to an in-depth look at each of our 28 member cooperatives.

We couldn’t be more excited about the entire list of benefits our redesigned website has for every customer. The only way to learn about them is to experience them for yourself. We’ve made it so easy for you to oversee what’s required of you to optimize your energy efficiency. See you again soon!

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