Spend money on gifts and treats, not your energy bill

We’re here to help you stay on budget during the holidays, so you can have extra money to spend on things you really want. Follow these simple tips and you may notice a decrease in your monthly utility bill.

Electric Timers

Save energy all night long by setting up an electric timer for your holiday lights. Whether they’re indoors or outdoors, you can choose what time the lights turn on and off, lessening your energy use and saving you money.

LED Holiday Lights

GRE_Holiday_LIGHTS2_FBWhen you’re picking out your holiday lights, look for LEDs with the ENERGY STAR® for top-notch efficiency choices and you may help lower greenhouse-gas emissions. Compared to traditional incandescents, the LED light strings certified by ENERGY STAR:

  • Use 75% less energy.
  • Last up to 10 times longer.
  • Are more shock resistant and durable.
  • Are available in many lengths, colors and shapes.
  • Can change color and dim.
  • Are cool to the touch, which minimizes a fire risk.

Black Friday

Since 1952, the Friday after Thanksgiving has been observed as the official start of shopping for the holidays. Known today as Black Friday, it falls on November 29 this year. You know the drill: Stores lengthen their hours with big deals on a limited supply of products, and customers begin lining up and camping out on Thanksgiving Day with hopes of being one of the first people in the store to secure their desired items.

The retail industry claims that Black Friday is the most bustling shopping day of the year, and some stores say they make enough money on that day to sustain them through the rest of the year. There’s no shortage of deals, you can find options for everyone, and it’s an entertaining way to save money on holiday shopping. But if in-store shopping isn’t your thing, you can always wait to shop online on Cyber Monday, which is December 2 this year.

Holiday Discounts

Although Black Friday takes the cake for being the hot day to shop during the holidays, it’s no longer the only time stores have awe-inducing deals. The retail industry has noticed customers’ holiday-shopping burnout, so they’ve altered the technique in which they offer deals and discounts. Instead of it being exclusive to one day, many stores now stretch savings throughout all of November and December.

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