3 holiday recipes to cook up energy savings!

It’s the holiday season, and we’re helping you keep your utility bill low with three recipes that use little to no energy. Whether you are hosting or going to someone else’s home, we have three perfect (and delicious) recipes for any occasion. Cheers to easy and stress-free holidays!

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Homeowner’s Guide to Cut Heating and Cooling Costs

There are certain indisputable truths every Minnesotan accepts: winters are freezing, summers can be sweltering, and heating and cooling costs can be a major line item in our household budgets. Luckily, modern technologies are now making it possible to stay comfortable in all seasons while using only a fraction of the energy of conventional heating and air conditioning—yes, even in Minnesota.

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5 ways to propel energy efficiency into 2020

We believe in promoting an energy-efficient today and tomorrow, so here are five ways you can up your energy-efficiency game in the new year.

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An energy-efficient gift for everyone on your list

It can be difficult to decide what gifts to buy during the holidays, so we have some energy-efficient suggestions for everyone on your list. (Bonus points if you wrap them in newspaper or sustainable wrapping products!)

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Spend money on gifts and treats, not your energy bill

We’re here to help you stay on budget during the holidays, so you can have extra money to spend on things you really want. Follow these simple tips and you may notice a decrease in your monthly utility bill.

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